Top level maskmaking

Top Level Maskmaking

We offer a variety of products for top level maskmaking, including software to correct placement error due to charging, simulate and optimize electron beam lithography, linearity and printability of features, resist heating, etc. Other products are used to understand and optimize chrome etch and metrology of masks. [more...]

Electron Beam Lithography

SEM metrology, electron beam lithography and e-beam defect inspection are indispensable parts of top level semiconductor manufacturing. Our products include simulation tools to understand and optimize electron interactions with materials, electron scattering, charging, heating, energy deposition, electron trajectories inside solids and trajectories in complex electromagnetic fields. [more...]


The semiconductor industry says that "we can build it if we can measure it". The most critical tool for nanometrology is the CD-SEM. aBeam offers several software tools for the SEM. A comprehensive simulation of CD-SEM is performed by our world's most advanced Monte Carlo software, CHARIOT. The reverse task of extracting contours and critical dimensions from SEM images is made possible by myCD software which utilizes a physical model of electron scattering to accurately extract critical dimensions. [more...]

Dry etch

Dry Etch

Understanding and optimizing dry etch, film deposition and other processes require a lot of effort. Modeling helps better understand these processes. Our software simulates the dynamics of etch profiles, including such effects as trenching, footing, dispersion, and microloading. The software simulates profiles, CDs and CD variations due to dry etch. It can also handle complex processes such a double patterning, MEMS etch, etc. [more...]



We offer the fabrication of custom microelectronics and lightwave components. The company runs user projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and works closely with foundries and universities. The development of a product can range in quantities from a prototype to pilot production in the shortest time possible, with minimal overhead expenses. [more...]