Electron beam lithography

Electron Beam Lithography

SEM metrology, electron beam lithography and e-beam defect inspection are indispensable parts of top level semiconductor manufacturing. Our products include simulation tools to understand and optimize electron interactions with materials, electron scattering, charging, heating, energy deposition, as well as electron trajectories inside solids and trajectories in complex electromagnetic fields.


TRAVIT EBL is a software used to simulate and optimize electron beam lithography. The software simulates 3D energy deposition in the resist and the resist development. It is used to analyze and optimize the EBL process, including the printability of features, CD-linearity, the resist profile, optimization of the best dose versus development time, etc. [more...]


CHARIOT is the world's most advanced Monte Carlo software used to predict image formation in scanning electron microscopy (SEM), including charging, pre-charge, and electromagnetic fields. It also predicts the absorbed energy and shot noise in electron beam lithography. [more...]


TEMPTATION predicts temperature rises in electron beam lithography (EBL). Temperature variations lead to changes in resist sensitivity and thus to variations of critical dimensions (CD). This problem is especially important in maskmaking, where the substrate has poor heat conductivity, as well as in direct write EBL, where the speed of writing is extremely high. [more...]


DISPLACE software models the charging and displacement of the electron beam due to charging effects on the target's surface in Electron Beam Lithography. [more...]

SEM Extension Tools

We sell several easily installable products designed to extend the fuctionality of your Scanning Electron Microscope. These include pattern generators, a high accuracy stage, and a beam blanker. [more...]