Top level maskmaking

Top Level Maskmaking

We have a variety of products for top level maskmaking, such as software to simulate and optimize electron beam lithography, including the linearity and printability of features, resist heating, and correction of placement error due to charging. Other products are used to understand and optimize chrome etch.

Our customers are equipment makers and top-level maskmakers around the world.

Electron Beam Lithography

Electron beam lithography is indispensable parts of top level maskmaking and in semiconductor R&D. Our products include simulation tools to understand and optimize electron interactions with materials, charging, heating, energy deposition, as well as resist development. [more...]

Dry Etch

Understanding and optimizing dry etch, film deposition and other processes require a lot of effort. Modeling helps in understanding these processes. Our software simulates the dynamics of the etch profile, including such effects as trenching, footing, dispersion, and microloading. The profile, CDs and CD variation due to dry etch are simulated. The software can also handle complex processes such a double patterning, MEMS etch, etc. [more...]