The semiconductor industry says that "we can build it if we can measure it". The most critical tool for nanometrology is the CD-SEM. aBeam offers several software tools for the SEM. An accurate, comprehensive simulation of CD-SEM is performed by our world's most advanced Monte Carlo software, CHARIOT. This software is used for the optimization and calibration of CD-SEMs. The reverse task of extracting contours and critical dimensions from SEM images is made possible by myCD software. This software utilizes a physical model of electron scattering to accurately extract critical dimensions at the top, bottom, and middle of the pattern features, as well as side wall angles, line edge roughness, and line width roughness. The Q-SEM software automatically analyzes the quality of SEM images in order to track the performance of SEMs and verify the consistency of SEM results depending on its tuning. Additionally, the simulation of optical scatterometry from the first principles of physics is performed by the SCATT software. This software helps understand the sensitivity of signals to process variations, as well as the applicability of the system to specific layers and measurements.


MyCD automatically analyzes SEM images and measures the critical dimensions: linewidth, line width roughness, line edge roughness, and side wall angle. The software is based on a physical model of image formation in the SEM. [more...]


CHARIOT software is used to simulate the signal and images in scanning electron microscopy (SEM). CHARIOT demonstrates that edge detection greatly depends on the parameters of the SEM settings, such as the beam diameter and pattern properties. All these effects and more can be simulated using the Chariot SEM software.[more...]


BEAMETR is a technique to automatically measure the electron-beam size. The product includes software and a piece of silicon with a fabricated nano-pattern. BEAMETR uses spatial frequency analysis of the pattern- the operator scans the pattern, then the software reads the image and determines the beam size. [more...]


SCATT is a software tool used to simulate light scattering on microelectronic patterns. The software is based on the rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA) physical model. [more...]