aBeam Technologies:

Our products help optimize top-level semiconductor processes and nanofabrication

RnD 100 award

aBeam Technologies offers a wide variety of products to improve semiconductor manufacturing and nanofabrication. Our software aids in the simulation and optimization of nanolithography, mask-making, and defect inspection, as well as in the design and optimization of semiconductor equipment. We also sell photomasks and SEM functionality extension tools.

Top level maskmaking

Top-Level Masks

Our software optimizes electron beam lithography, including feature linearity, shot noise, heating, and charging placement error. Other products optimize chrome etch and metrology for masks. [more...]



We offer low-priced, high quality photolitography masks with critical dimensions down to 1µm. Masks from 4" to 32" in size can be manufactured... [more...]

Electron Beam Lithography

Electron Beam Lithography

Our products include simulation tools to understand and optimize electron interactions with materials, electron scattering, charging, heating, energy deposition, etc. [more...]

Dry etch

Dry Etch

Our software simulates the dynamics of etch profiles, including trenching, footing, dispersion, and microloading. The software can also handle complex processes such a double patterning, MEMS etch, etc. [more...]

Top level masks

Test Chips

The company manufactures custom test chips. We also carry a standard Beametr chip, used to measure the electron beam spot size. [more...]

Xenos pattern generator

SEM Functionality Enhancement Tools

Convert your Scanning Electron Microscope into a nanofabrication tool with an advanced pattern generator and add a high accuracy stage and beam blanker. [more...]