Latest News and Events, August 2012

contours extracted by myCD


MyCD: Model-based SEM image analysis software


MyCD is the only software that uses a physical model of a SEM to analyze SEM images accurately. MyCD automatically extracts contours and critical dimensions (CDs) from SEM images, as well as line edge roughness (LER), line width roughness (LWR), and side wall angle. Learn more about myCD and its new features here.

Monte Carlo Workshop


Monte Carlo Workshop and User Group Meeting


aBeam hosted a 3-day Electron-Beam Monte Carlo Simulation workshop and meeting for CHARIOT users in Moscow, Russia, in June 2012. The event was a success and a great opportunity for attendees to meet other CHARIOT users and developers. The workshops provided in-depth discussions of SEMs, defect inspection, and the physics of electron scattering and charging. The newest features and capabilities of CHARIOT software were demonstrated, plans for future development were discussed, and a training session for attendees was provided. Learn more about CHARIOT and its applications for SEM and EBL here.



aBeam offers high-quality, low-cost photomasks. We believe our prices are the lowest in the U.S., yet our specifications are often tighter than those of other vendors. Two of the best laser systems (made by Micronics) are used for mask writing by our partner LMTec. Learn more about our photomask services and prices.

SPIE ConferenceSPIE Photomask Technology Conference


Visit our booth (#100) at the upcoming SPIE Photomask Technology Conference in Monterey, California, September 11-12, 2012, and learn more about our products. For information about the conference, please click here

Learn more about our products:

1. CHARIOT: advanced Monte Carlo simulation software for SEM and EBL

2. myCD: automatic, physics-based SEM image analysis software

3. BEAMETR: chip and software to automatically measure beam size

4. TRAVIT Etch: dry etch and film deposition simulation software

5. TRAVIT EBL: energy deposition and resist development simulation software for EBL

6. DISPLACE: software for placement error correction in EBL maskwriting

7. SCATT: simulation software for light scattering on microelectronic patterns 

8. TEMPTATION: resist heating and temperature simulation software for EBL


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