Abeam Technologies is involved in a variety of projects for the semiconductor industry. We offer our expertise in micro and nano-fabrication, microelectronic technology, software development, and optics.

Micro- and Nanofabrication

We specialize in the fabrication of custom microelectronic and lightwave components. Abeam Technologies runs user projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and works closely with foundries and universities.

Our completed and on-going projects include the following technologies:

  • Electron beam lithography with minimum feature sizes down to 30 nm
  • Photolithography
  • Photomask design and fabrication
  • Nanoimprint
  • Vacuum film deposition
  • Reactive ion etch
  • SEM metrology and inspection
  • Dicing

The development of a product can range in quantities from a prototype to pilot production in the shortest time possible, with minimal overhead expenses.

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Software design

We offer our vast experience in programming using all major languages and platforms. We also offer our strong background in mathematics, and in the development and optimization of numerical algorithms. Our particular expertise is in software for microelectronic and semiconductor applications.

We use off-shore programming often; we are experienced in managing projects and overseas groups of software developers.


We specialize in the design and fabrication of optical and microoptic elements, utilizing a variety of microfabrication techniques such as electron beam lithography, optical lithography, reactive ion etch, film deposition, etc.

These elements involve:

  • Focusators - optical elements combining functions of multiple optical elements in one, also known as beam shaping elements
  • Gratings of various pitch, size, and groove profiles
  • Artificial refractive index gratings and elements
  • Wavefront correctors and transformers
  • Planar optical circuits
  • Microoptics for fibers

We design optical elements and develop their fabrication technique in house, then rent a properly equipped clean room or work closely with foundries to fabricate a prototype of the element. This allows for considerable savings in cost.

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