QSEM: monitoring performance of CD-SEM

CD-SEM image quality measurement using QSEM

Is the CD-SEM working well? Are the results reliable? Is maintenance required?

CD results from CD-SEMs directly depend on the performance of the SEM during the measurement. QSEM is a software that automatically monitors the performance of CD-SEMs by analyzing the quality of SEM images.

The results are highly sensitive and independent of linewidth, LER and LWR. The measured image quality values of the software were verified to have good correlation to CD variations as the performance of the SEM changes. This establishes trust in the CD results produced by CD-SEMs.

Applications of QSEM:

  • Automatically monitor CD-SEM
  • Verify autofocusing
  • Instantly resolve production issues: understand if the change in CD results is due to stepper/process or due to metrology issues.

See more detail about applications and verification of QSEM.