myCD screenshot of critical dimension measurement

See experimental verification or references.

MyCD software is used to automatically analyze SEM images. The software accurately extracts critical dimensions (CD) at the top, bottom, and 50%. Line edge roughness (LER) and line width roughness (LWR) are also extracted quickly and accurately.

The software removes operator-induced uncertainty in CD measurements. It simplifies all the measurement procedures by making them automatic. Multiple images can also be processed automatically using the batch mode.

MyCD is the only software that uses a physical model of the SEM in image analysis, contour and CD extraction. This is why the accuracy of myCD is incomparably better than any other software used in image analysis. Alternative techniques for SEM analysis use an arbitrary threshold; the physical model provides more accurate CD measurments than the threshold model.

Applications of myCD include model calibration for OPC, the extraction of dimensions of nanopatterns in the semiconductor and disk drive industries, as well as all other areas of nanofabrication and nanoscience.